Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to Make Business using URLs

Personalized URL Marketing Provides Powerful On-line Response Channel for Direct Mail. How?

Most direct mail campaigns neglect the large percentage of recipients who prefer to respond on-line. Sending them to a same-to-all corporate web site just isn't good enough for today's web-savvy audience. Personalized URL Marketing engages these highly valuable prospects with their own VIP landing pages.

A Personalized URL is a web address that incorporates the recipient's name. For example:

www. ChristopherColumbus. MyNewWorld. com

Personalized URL Marketing is the technique of adding such a web address as one of the response channels on a direct mail piece and following it up with highly targeted VIP landing pages. When Christopher visits his personal landing pages, he finds exactly the information he expects based on the direct mail piece. He stays engaged and interested longer. He is more likely to buy.

MindFireInc's flagship product LookWho'sClicking is the premier technology for Personalized URL Marketing. LookWho'sClicking helps automate the creation and management of a personalized URL for every direct mail recipient, and dynamic VIP landing pages. The activity of each respondent is tracked and reported. Leads are automatically sent to the sales team for immediate follow-up.

Get two powerful media, direct mail and internet, working together.

  • Improve direct mail response rates.
  • Provide relevant content in response to preferences.
  • Engage responders in more meaningful dialog.
Das Zwolf Ad Services will be more than happy to help you with your web business.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Golden Cuff Links

When it comes to a gentleman's attire, it is of utmost importance to mention French cuff links. Studded with pearls, jewels, or mere diamonds, they will always accentuate the elegance of the occasion. Here are some to choose from:




Hot Wifey's World


Lipstick Lesbian Cafe


Hot Housewife Wiki

Milf, Milfs, Milfette

Facial Wife

The Mandingo!

The Lesbian Agenda


The SlutWifeWiki

Vivid Videos

Facial Experts






The Million Dollar Wall

The Million Dollar Pixel

The Million Dollar Pixels

The Million Dollar Pages

The Million Dollar Link

The Million Dollar Billboard

The Million Dollar Ad

Secret Numbers And Links For Netizens

Gold, Runways and Nuclear Reactors -All Inside Konigsborg

Sailing through OPEC and Dollar Woes

Exports and Trade

Gold News

King's Career Summary; An Eye on Gold

Intro to Royal Affairs

Haikus of the Holy Land

Dali on Desert and Lingerie

Living in Al Quds

Secret Database

On Hash, Security and Retirement

Numbers stations, CPU signals, Russian poker

How To Do Steganography and Norva Messaging the Crypto Way

SALWISS Info Overlay, Military Target

Intro to SALWISS

UCICS-(U6) Languages

UCICS (U6) Programming: Signal Code

Intro to U6, UCICS

SALWISS Communication Code

Echelon Linguistic UKUSA Intelligence System

Hacker Poetry

Jacob's Genetics project

Yoshke Fake.htm

Entennman's the original chocolate chip cookie recipe – How to Make.html

geographic names interpreted according to Hebrew

hadash grains info

Hidden meanings of Hebrew letters

Jewish names deciphered

The lomdus - the gems of learning

word of Hebrew origin and their fate

Pillsbury Chemical and Oil

The Secrets of IDF

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Symphony of Destruction

By Roger Wiegand  Dec 19 2007 11:30AM

Yesterday, news of a massive central bank cash injection of over $500,000,000,000 was announced to realign Euro-Libor rates and those of other key player countries. This was met with a huge yawn followed by naked fear in the eyes of these knowing bankers. Market youngsters in New York, living high on the hog the past few years think this great game goes on forever. Meanwhile, in trading pits of both New York and Chicago, graybeards, having seen this stuff before, are openly frightened. We know of one very prominent trader and former senior vice president of a big five brokerage house who quietly retired, quite young, to escape forthcoming mayhem. This guy was barely 50 and in charge of millions in retail stock business. Today he is spending time with his children and is far away from trading responsibilities. He resigned a multi-million income position as he knows markets simply will not be manageable in coming months. This man is one of the best gold traders I have ever seen.

Central banksters are too late in the game and they know it. The inevitable is on its way and will not stopped. Chopper Ben Bernanke, while trying to appease and walk a thin line has fallen off the Federal Reserve bus and got run-over months ago. You can throw billions at the Sheeple but if they do not borrow, buy nor spend, the toast is burnt. That's our position today. Most consumers are just tapped out. Credit has evaporated. The Federal Reserve's band-aid efforts are irrelevant without effect. Interbank lending has stopped. They do not trust each other to repay big loans. These markets are frozen in time as fear escalates.

The first really hard and nasty market slap arrives during spring of 2008 when sell in "May and Go Away" will, for all intents and purposed have the appearances of "Lay Down and Die." If you think those bankers are scared now watch what happens when this baby cracks markets. Our Plunge Protection Team will do handstands using every crummy tool in their box while markets take hits not responding to any more Pollyanna news or, other phony, authoritative-like announcements.

When sharks smell blood in the water they detect it miles away circling for the kill. Our trading partners and current and former friends now view the U.S. as a weak sister, a paper tiger getting weaker by the moment. While they should not underestimate American world power, they sense weaknesses and have become emboldened. Putin in Russia is flexing his political and economic muscles and so is China. Other friends, non-friends and substantial trading partners like Japan and the Saudis are backing away from American finance, trade, and our money in an effort to diversify and not sink with the U.S. economic ship. America will soon find itself out in a terrible wind. When a subject is beaten down, has bad luck or, has more than annoyed too many in the world, they are treated openly as with leprosy. First this gets worse then it gets better and then finally it ends.

Russia, of all the world players, has a larger dominant position and would be in the best spot to wreak havoc. China's rudeness toward the American Navy recently, as they were turned away from ports after being given permission to dock on two occasions, is an example of this flexing. We would politely suggest they are missing some very important parts of the larger picture and do not hold all the cards they think they have. We shall expound on this point at another time.

America appears vulnerable for now but we know of other ideas that quietly and quickly shift the global balance of power back to America when implemented.  The U.S. is a badly wounded dog for all outward appearances at this time, but big dogs when hurt, bite viciously hard and with ferocious speed when attacked. Some serious and tragic mistakes were made but the United States will be around for a very long time.

Recent estimates tell us the American government has to borrow $2 Billion each day on Asian welfare credit to keep this ship afloat. We suspect that for now, the number is approaching $3 Billion per day and strain is evident everywhere. When the shoe shine boy and store clerks throughout foreign lands prefer Euros or, something else in non-U.S. Dollars, red lights are flashing and warning bells are ringing. We heard this past week about carriage drivers in New York's Central Park making change for European tourists in Euros.

Trading for the rest of 2007 in most markets including our favorites should be mostly year-end house-keeping and wrap-ups. Traders in larger funds are brushing-up portfolios to gain a maximum annual bonus. Most of this is complete as these funds either have a year-end close-out date of November 31 or, December 31. They tossed out their dogs and bought a few new positions. Expectations are for a good rally after New Year's Day in 2008. We expect so too, as that's where all the big-push-equity-money should be going.

Trader Tracks Newsletter is preparing a newly recommended, smaller portfolio for our new readers and smaller accounts. Some of these ideas can apply to larger, existing accounts as well. However, we strongly encourage everyone with hard-earned cash on the line to play defense more than ever in the first half of 2008. Do not be afraid to be in the market and be active. But, be careful about containing potential losses. There are several tools available, many not used by our trading audience.

We recommend all traders tighten-up the number of differing companies they hold. Portfolios with pages upon pages of companies are just too difficult to manage. Some of the best traders in the world hold only five to ten. Others prefer a more scattergun approach for the mining juniors holding 15-25 knowing full well some will be duds but their truly big winners will deliver for the selected grouping.

Our forecast says the world will not end in the near future but could become exceedingly difficult for investors and traders. We like gold and silver and the several trading vehicles available to trade-manage these markets. Energy offers an equally positive situation but a recession could dampen some of these ideas as national economies slow down in later 2008.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adult Pharmacy Gambling?

Posted (Random) on December 18-2007

Большая нелюбовь поисковиков к обмену ссылками, самому простому и когда-то действенному способу раскрутки сайтов заставила нашего брата напрягать мозг искать новые лазейки для реализации своих замыслов. Была придумана схема перекрёстного обмена ссылками, но по сути все эти ухищрения перестали быть необходимостью с появлением sape, по крайней мере в рунете.

А как же быть буржунету, особенно таким скользким темам как pharmacy, adult и gambling. Срать в гесты и блоги для более-менее белых сайтов не солидно, и тут как раз придёт на помощь новая система продвинутого обмена ссылками, несколько часов назад афишированная её создателями.

Система автоматически исключает прямой обмен ссылками между двумя сайтами, ставит ссылки с нужными вам анкорами в окружении строго тематического текста и учитывает PR каждой страницы. За размещение ссылок на ваших сайтах вам начисляются поинты, а за размещение ваших ссылок на чужих сайтах соответственно снимаются. Всё бесплатно, в лучших традициях социалистического строя, лишь бы были сайты.

Как это работает?

Вебмастер добавляет код системы на страницы своих сайтов, за что получает поинты, количество которых начисляется в зависимости от веса каждой страницы сайта. (вес оценивается по следующим параметрам - pr страницы, количество текста, количество внутренних и внешних ссылок.) Поинты вы можете тратить на размещение ссылок на других сайтах, находящихся в системе. Для этого нужно добавить новое объявление, в котором вы можете указать: кол-во объявлений которые размещаются в промежуток времени (Max Links Per Placement), сам промежуток в днях (Placement Frequency), язык объявления, тематику, PR (в зависимости от уровня аккаунта), максимальное кол-во ссылок (Max Links) и максимальное кол-во поинтов (Max Points), которые будут затрачены на это объявление. Обмен полностью безопасен, т.к исключает возможность прямого обмена между сайтами, а также, все ссылки в системе размещаются в окружении тематического текста. (

How do you like this?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Euro-Dollar Pair To Dive

Written by Jamie Saettele, Currency Analyst: It is still possible that the EURUSD challenges congestion near 1.4452 before the pair reverses and drops to a new low (below 1.4330).  However, the EURUSD may drop below 1.4330 without first challenging 1.4452 and complete wave C (and larger wave 4) of the A-B-C decline from 1.4967.  A potential terminus for the decline is where wave C = wave A at 1.4309.  The next 5 to 6 weeks should see larger wave 5 exceed 1.5000.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Higher gold prices need of the hour to boost recycling in the Middle East

12/16/2007 07:32 PM | By Naushad K. Cherrayil

Dubai: Gold prices will need to return to levels close to $850 to encourage a further surge in gold recycling in the Middle East, GFMS's latest report said.

"With gold pushing through $800 in early November, this sharp rise was expected to have provided the impetus for a hood of recycled gold from Saudi Arabia, the world's largest supplier of scrap last year.

"However, this has not been the case, with scrap fows from the Kingdom surprisingly weak in the second half of this year," said Cameron Alexander, an analyst at GFMS.

Year ahead

Looking ahead to the next year, he said it is unlikely that Saudi scrap gold volumes will return to 2006 levels unless a higher gold price is achieved.

The resultant slump in jewellery consumption would likely encourage a portion of retailers to take advantage of record prices and liquidate their holdings.

"Consider that average scrap volumes were over 30 tones per quarter in 2003 globally but, so far this year they have fallen to under 20 tones on average," Alexander said.

Similarly in the Middle East, the reaction to the rise in the metal prices has been controlled, with scrap supply supported by the distribution chain unloading slow moving inventory rather than individuals of loading gold assets, as was the case for much of 2006.

"Several dealers in Saudi Arabia involved in the scrap market said they were perplexed at the lower volumes of scrap currently being returned to local gold souks in spite of a 27-year high for the gold price," he said.

Trend: Dubai scenario

Demand for jewellery in Dubai has been modest with consumers buying solidly on dips in prices. But right now they do not appear selling, or exchanging jewellery, with the expectation of higher prices on the horizon, GFMS's report said.

The most simple explanation of this appears to be that, as expectations of higher (and ever higher) prices have taken hold, consumers have reduced the amount of old jewellery they are willing to sell back.

Report says the rise in the gold price, even in euro terms, obviously features but its direct importance should not be overstated.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pixel Ads for Blogs

January 3, 2006
Another pixel ad site recently launched called to try and copy the success of The Million Dollar Home Page. Ironically, Vahid Hashemian, TMC's webmaster forwarded me an email about the The Million Dollar Home Page auctioning off the last 1,000 pixels on eBay to "own a piece of history" - in this case the "last" 1,000 pixels of the site that made pixel ads famous. I recently wrote about one copy-cat site called SmashMyViper that is selling pixel ads to key, smash, and otherwise destroy a beautiful Dodge Viper.

Anyway, a few days ago the BlogBillboard's Scott (Sed) King emailed me with the following:

Dear Blogger,

Happy New Year!
I will be brief in my email. I researched your email because your weblogs are among the top rated on the internet. I have started a VISUAL Blog Directory called "" and I would like you to be one of the founding members.

You may have seen the MillionDollarHomepage recently in the news. I purchased the code in hopes to use it to create an online billboard for bloggers and modified the code so pixels are only 25¢ each. I myself am a young entrepreneur and developed this site to promote Blogs, help pay off student loans, and create an entrepreneur seed fund.

How often can a Blogger have the potential to capture millions of viewers? (Besides Mark Cuban and Bob Parsons) I urge you to take a look at the site, even if you just use it as a resource.

His flattery of my blog aside, which may be simply to try and get me to promote his pixel ad site, he does seem to be off to a good start with ads from the Onion and the popular gadget site, Gizmodo. Of course, perhaps he "seeded" his site by putting up ads free of charge? Who knows? One unique aspect is his pixels are 1/4th of the typical $1 per pixel you pay. While he may be JACC (Just Another Copy-Cat), if you are looking to promote you blog inexpensively, you might want to consider advertising on the BlogBillBoard.

Tom Keating: CTO, VP, Founder of TMC Labs

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Milking Millions Out of Blogging

This is a blog post of a Russian blogger, who managed to hit the TOP rated sections of,, and other such websites everyday, with the articles he created daily. He managed to earn with Google AdSense and his blog some amount starting from zero. So here is the article, translated for your reading pleasure.

Once a year I am getting obsessed with an idea of getting some money from nothing. This year this obsession got me in spring. As you all know this is not my first year I earn my money in internet. Previously I used normal business schemes "Do something – Get paid". Previously I was paid for thinking out web domain names, for promoting some software, for writing down press releases and so on. This was not interesting for me now.

I decided to test the scheme "Done nothing – Got money", but mainly my target was not getting paid for it, I was interested in proof of the concept.

I determined the following conditions for myself: zero expenses for the domain name, zero expenses for the content, and not more than 5 minutes a day for promoting.

So I began figuring out what is the project that would fit those terms. Soon the idea arrived – free domain -then it should be a blog on So the second condition for me was not creating my own content, so I had to aggregate the third party content and to make a "splog" – the blog that publishes content gathered from other blogs. Up this point I had a bunch of links to the articles regarding some non-trivial business solutions, so I decided to utilize them.

As I mentioned I had a lot of links to the suitable content, so the main task became a promotion. As you might remember I had a limit of 5 minutes a day for promotion of my newly created blog. Due to this term I needed to concentrate fully on Web 2.0 websites as a main promotion mean. I was hoping to get 20,000 – 30,000 hits from them in a day.

I choose RedDit.Com, Digg.Com, Fark.Com, Del.Isio.Us and

So here are my results for the 4 months of my activities:

March 6 – March 31 $27.86
April 1 – April 30 $195.16
May 1 – May 31 - $33.21
June 1 – June 30 - $105.17
July 1- July 16 - $43.75
This is just a revenue from AdSense and does not include the commissions I got from promoting software on my blog.

If this post would be popular it would be continued. Please let us know what do you think about the author's experience. If people express interest we would go on with his examples - what posts got to first places on all the web 2.0 sites he used.

His personal blog is: